uPVC Cladding


Cladding was traditionally crafted from timber, although it's now apparent that this material isn’t ideal for withstanding weather conditions in the UK. Timber wall cladding without regular upkeep and painting is unattractive and decreases the value of your home.

What Are The Benefits Of Fitting uPVC Cladding? Why Choose Us For Your Upgrade?

Household’s installation teams are real craftsmen – not just 'fitters'.

None of our work in the past, or in the future will be subcontracted which means we ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

With over 40 years combined experience, Household Home Improvements are confident to say that not only do we offer the best advice – our value for money sets us apart from our competitors. Household’s key aim is to offer a friendly, yet professional service to potential and existing customers.

That’s why at Household Home Improvements we design our uPVC wall cladding to be exceptionally durable and attractive, resistant to even the worst weather. Our cladding, as standard, is installed with thermal insulation helping you lower your energy bills, or alternatively with a vapour barrier.

What Are The Options?

A range of colours:

  • Black, Rosewood and, of course, White.

These can all be purchased with either a smooth, gloss finish or woodgrain effect.

Our Guarantee To You

All installations come with a standard guarantee, issued by Household, on both materials and craftsmanship for 20 years.

All of our jobs are also supplied with a 10-year, insurance backed guarantee, which includes a deposit protection scheme.

Should I Choose Full Replacement Or Cap Over?

We ONLY offer full replacement, unlike other companies who opt for the cheaper, easier option of “capping” or “cloaking”. Both of these terms refer to installing new uPVC cladding on top of existing wood. This may seem the more cost effective option when presented to you in the short term, but over the long run is it really such a good idea? The wood hasn’t gone anywhere; it is still there, now sweating without ventilation and deteriorating even faster each year. Eventually the nails will come loose due to rotted and infested timber, leaving both your new and existing cladding exposed and unsecured.

For More Information…

Why not ask one of our home improvement specialists to come and show you how Household Home Improvement’s wall cladding can keep your home looking its best?

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