Insulated Conservatory Ceiling


Features & Benefits

An insulated ceiling is the perfect solution for keeping your conservatory warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

A unique 19 layer insulation quilt with a u value of 0.12 is installed along with a clean-looking maintenance free uPVC ceiling.

An insulated ceiling stops any heat from leaving through the conservatory roof reducing bills and keeping the conservatory cosy and warm in the winter.

Noise Reduction

An insulated ceiling removes the noise of rain almost completely making sure the room is a cosy space to watch TV, dine or enjoy - whatever the weather.

No Glare From The Sun

Glare from the sun is removed completely by installing an insulated ceiling. This means the room can be used for watching TV or reading without the nuisance of sun glare.

No Fading Furniture

An insulated ceiling stops the sun from pouring in through the roof during summer months so ensures the room is cosy for any purpose and there will be no fading of furniture.

An insulated ceiling can generally be installed within one day, this means there is minimum disruption in terms of installation.

The original roof remains in place, but undergoes a thorough external service to ensure that the roof is watertight, with any minor repairs undertaken prior to the insulated ceiling being fitted.

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